By focusing our efforts on your health and comfort in addition to your home's durability, your home will naturally be energy efficient. Better materials, properly designed and calibrated systems, and advanced construction practices all work in conjunction to make your home efficient.

The most noticeable  effect of energy efficiency can be seen on your monthly energy bill. One of our custom 2600 square foot homes boasts an average energy usage of about $131 per month. The proof is in the pudding! 

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What is a "High Performance Home"?

High Performance homes are a great investment in your families future while reducing your risks of:

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● construction processes


● verified results

"Demand Better, Build Better"

Energy Efficiency

On the surface, ​you can't always tell the difference between a High Performance Home and a typical home.

● Rising energy costs (inflation)

● Power outages

​A comfortable home starts with not only better HVAC equipment, but also a custom designed system to ensure you are consistently comfortable in each room. We go above and beyond standard design and construction in order to give you control over temperature while also managing humidity.

Our homes are custom designed to eliminate cold drafts, uneven room temperatures, and dampness by utilizing better materials, building practices, and construction management. Every component works in conjunction to optimize your comfort. 

● systems


​The primary differences between a typical home and a High Performance Home are in the: 

Example of a High Performance Home.

● Added healthcare costs

● Installing new technology

​​● materials

A healthy home starts with great indoor air quality (IAQ). We design homes to have proper ventilation that is aimed at filtering allergens and asthma triggers, reducing moisture, and mitigating both chemicals and naturally occurring elements that are harmful to your health. 

During construction, we prioritize using construction materials with less chemicals and low VOCs so that there are fewer chemicals lingering in the air you breathe on a daily basis. 

Example of a typical home built to minimum "code" standards.

Building better for over 25 years


A durable home starts with better quality products that are assembled correctly using advanced building practices. Our HVAC systems also help to extend the life of these products by managing humidity. We design and construct our homes to optimize longevity and value throughout its lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

Your investment should not only last a lifetime, but it should also be useful for you in all stages of your life. Our durable home designs ensure your home will be suitable as you age, allowing you to stay in your home longer.