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What makes an Energy Star home better?

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​​     S. D. Jessup Construction, Inc. is dedicated to building better homes.  Did you know there are better ways to build?  You don't have to do it the same way its ALWAYS been done!  Our high performance homes are designed to be more healthy, comfortable, efficient, durable, and less expensive to own and maintain than the typical new home.  We use products that can give your home the ability to last longer and require less maintenance than products used by typical builders.  Many builders want to sell you a home and brag that it is "built to code".  A house that is only built to satisfy minimum building code is simply the cheapest structure that the law will allow you to build.  It is not designed to provide any of afore mentioned attributes of our high performance homes.

     We invest time in educating ourselves as well as our clients on new building technologies.  Education is the key.  New and innovative building products are becoming increasingly popular (and expensive).  What good does it do to buy expensive products if you can't get them installed correctly.  These products typically require special design, instruction, training and most importantly - Patience!  A new home must work as a system;  all of the parts must work together or there can be negative consequences.  Our homes are designed to perform from the beginning and tested at the end to provide you with verification that your new home is doing what it is supposed to do.  Many people mistakenly think the building inspector does that job.  As important as the building inspectors role is, they only do visual inspections.  It may be there but that doesn't verify that it works properly.  This leaves the owner at the mercy of someone who may only be trying to get paid and get on to the next job.
    Most homes built today are built very similar to the same way they were built 20 years ago, with the exception of minor upgrades in building code requirements.  Building science and building products have come a long way in 20 years.  Are you looking for a home that is built like and especially performs like a home that is 20 years old, or are you in search of a home that employs the latest products and technology.  Would you buy a brand new car today with 20 year old technology, safety, and efficiency at todays prices???  I'd be willing to bet you wouldn't.  Let us show you how we're different!  Contact us today about your new high performance home.

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  • Healthy:  Fresh air ventilation, better indoor air quality, less chance for mold issues
  • Comfortable:  Balanced room temperatures, Humidity control, better thermal control
  • Efficient:  insulation packages that greatly exceed typical new homes
  • Durable:  Higher quality materials, designed to perform better, last longer
  • Less expensive:  Efficient homes use much less energy and require less maintenance.